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Catalog Number MS153
Object Name Letter
Scope & Content Floyd, Personal Letter to Major William Barney, Jeffersonton, Georgia, September 21, 1831


Jeffersonton, Camden County, Georgia / Sep. 21st, 1831 / Dear Major / Your friendly letter of August 7th reached me a few / days ago, and afforded me much amusement. Being eminently / Ram-screwgious yourself, your suspicions are easily against / everyone who admires women, or admired [?] but I believe / all truly Ram-screwgious men will enter Heaven. From their resemblence / in important qualities to King David of Old a "Man after God's own heart." / I became acquainted with Mrs. J at Philadelphia in 1819 - She was then / [?] - a romantic girl, full of nice feelings, and possessing a fine / mind. We disputed frequently, yet we formed a friendship for each other / that had endured until now. I have not seen her since 1819. / I am greatly obliged to you for the poetry written by her. Do you not / think it good? Flatter me by saying yes. / The thug called Ashton Alexander will oblige me and its friends / generally by dying [?] Ceremony. The doubt about its sex / will prevent excessive grief both among men and women. / H. [?] having no competition will probably capture the / peach. "Fortune favors the brave," and frequently favours / blockheads also. / My fair friend [?] W is determined it seems, on Celibacy / if not, she has made dangerous experiments, and laid up / sorrow for herself at a future day. I hope, however,

she will repent before she grows too old. [?] to excite admiration, / and encourage attentions of gallant men instead of dandies / and other puppies in human shape. / Now you shall have some Georgia news. On this 5th of Sept. [?] / fighting brother Capt. Richard Floyd was married to a pretty girl / of the Village St. Marys. On the 8th at our house Bellevue Castle / my youngest sister, Isabel Melinda, was married to Major [?] / [?] of Georgia - and be not surprised on the 9th Gen. / Charles R. Floyd was married to Miss Julia R. Boog of St. Marys, / an amiable and beautiful girl aged 10[?]. My wife is a fine specimen / of womanhood. She is tall and elegantly formed, grace / -ful and active. Her hair is jet black, thick and long, eyes dark and expressive, complexion fair, with the blush of health and / and modestly teeth like pearls and breath sweeter than the otto of / roses. I am consequently happy. [?] happy. Her / friends gave their consent to our marriage, but wishes me to / wait some time. I disfused and [?] all delays. Captured / the fair damsel by Stratagem, and married her at Bellevue / Castle my father's residence. Her grandmama and other / female friends are greatly enraged but they may go to hell / their own way. If any animal wearing briches dared to / be hostile, his neck shall be under my foot. In this / business I have charged like a true Cavalier. The beauty/ of the lady gave Wings to my passions. She had many / suitors, who retired peaceably rather than be kicked out / of the lists. / About 10 days ago I sent a box addressed to you to Sav - / -annah by a Sea Captain, and directed him to forward it without delay to Baltimore, and also bill of lading to you. /

The Box contains a jar of Sweetmeals for Mrs. Barney, made / here, with oranges from my grove. In the same jar you will / find a hurried note from me enclosing a sample of pistol / shooting. Show it to Chase of Gillings. On the 10th or 13th / of Oct. I expect to be on the field as Second to a friend. The / fight is to be with double barrel guns, with buck shot, 50 yards. / This "[?] at present, you shall know the result. / Many thanks for the mamaluke bit you have procured for me. / Should you forward it to Charleston, direct it to [?] J. Gail- / -lard & Co. If to [?] to [?] Rose & Gallie, Merchants. / [?} Jackson has lost some of his best friends at the South / by his recent conduct. He is disgraceful to the nation / that a prostitute as [?] [?] shuld be known in the / history of its government. We want no Nell Giovynn's/ in the Cabinent. [?] is a coward, and Berrien & / [?] are cowards. I am glad Berrien is not a geor - / gianly birth. He was born in New Jersey. / I shall use my best efforts to end the circulation of the [?] / Present my best regard to Mrs. Barney, Mrs. Oldfield, Miss Mary Barney and the rest of the family, and kiss my sweetheart Ann / for me. I am extremely sorry to learn that Miss Barney continues in ill health. / Write to me frequently. / Very Sincerely your Friend, W. Floyd / Major W. Barney

Major W. M. Barney / Baltimore / Maryland / mail
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